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Boryszew Co. is a company of tradition. Basing on our many years’ experience, we offer to our customers a wide range of products – the result of our strong and stable position on the market. The company’s traditional scope of activity is the production of auxiliaries for plastics processing. The range includes, amongst others, chemicals used in PVC processing.

Boryszew is the sole Polish manufacturer with over fifty years of tradition and experience in the production of anti-freeze liquids for car radiators made on the basis of monoethylene glycol and monopropylene glycol. Our offer also includes products aimed at the construction sector – siding and false ceilings made of PVC as well as external, internal, technical and service doors.

Our range of products also includes the anti-freeze ethylene glycol liquid for cooling, AC, solar panel, heating installations and heat pumps. 

Packagings market has been developing very dynamically in the recent years, forcing the packagings manufacturers to produce aesthetic goods of top-notch quality. Going ahead of the market demands, we offer to our customers a variety of solutions – packagings made of polystyrene and polypropylene foam, as well as a range of packagings made of polyethylene and polypropylene – e.g. barrels, buckets and crates.

Boryszew S.A. also offers products for the aviation sector “Borygo Runway” and “Borygo FCY” . We propose modern and ecological deicing and anti-icing measures for runways and airplanes.

Feel free to discover our company’s offer in more detail!